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Making a Point: The Persnickety Story of English Punctuation - David Crystal

I proudly showed off this book today as the book that I'm carrying around in case I have time to read, but I'm saddened to have to admit that when asked about it, I didn't have much to say. Because at that point, I couldn't remember much of what I'd liked earlier in it, except that it was sort of interesting. A lot of it is actually about the different marks of punctuation and there's a bunch of quotes and stuff.


But later, when I was reading it on the bus, I realized that I was actually smiling while reading because I found the tone or the remarks or whatever amusing. This is why Crystal is my favourite linguist, even when it feels like he's recycling some of the material. Of course, it may just feel that way because there's only so much that can be said about a comma, and people keep having the same arguments over commas and the other punctuation marks. Maybe there's more to commas than I think. People have been arguing about them for an awfully long time. Or maybe I just read too many books about punctuation.


Part of what I found amusing was the criticism of works on punctuation starting with the comma rather than the period or full stop. You know, that thing that marks out the basic unit called a sentence? Historically they started with the comma, so everyone seems to start with the comma. Does it make sense? Eh, not really. Tee hee.