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As Death Draws Near by Anna Lee Huber

As Death Draws Near - Anna Lee Huber

Series: Lady Darby #5


It was alright, but I never found it all that compelling, I was annoyed with the lovey-dovey stuff most of the time, and I had an issue with the resolution (discussed in the spoiler tag below). Gage and Kiera get called to investigate the murder of a nun. It’s made interesting by the fact that the times are felt because by the time they get to Ireland, there’s no longer a body to be examined. Not that examining the body would have helped all that much in solving the mystery in this case.


So there was a lot of running around and talking to people. Also a lot of Catholic/Protestant stuff and Kiera and Gage not realizing how unfair they’ve been all this time (it got tiresome). I’m still annoyed by the retroactive comments used as foreshadowing by this book. I wish the author would just quit it. It adds a feeling of melodrama rather than one of suspense.


What dropped the book from a 2.5 star to a plain 2 star for me was a comment near the end by Kiera about the resolution of the murder (hey, you clicked on the spoiler tag) claiming that a woman had sent away her young child rather than raise him. Kiera is judging this person in an extremely unfair way, through the author’s modern eyes. Anyway, the supposition that in the early 19th century the woman in question would have had a choice to keep her child is ludicrous and warranted dropping my rating by half a star.

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