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The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo (Audiobook)

— feeling ghost
The Ghost Bride: A Novel - Yangsze Choo

Read by the author.


I decided to read the audiobook version of this title because the library had it available and I wanted to hear the preferred pronunciation of the names and so on. The author read the book herself, and although she could have distinguished the voices a little more, I did really enjoy her reading. Her cadence suited the story, possibly because she wrote it. The novel takes place in 19th century Malacca and follows Li Lan, a young woman who is threatened with a ghost marriage to a dead man, and her attempts to avoid said marriage.


This book had caught my eye a while ago but I had never gotten around to reading it. Despite being initially intrigued, it seemed like a popular fiction book of a kind that I wasn’t sure I would like. I can’t say for sure if I would have enjoyed the print version as much, but I found the audio version delightful. There were some flaws, of course, like the way things proposed to wrap up so conveniently in the end, but it didn’t end up being as convenient as it threatened so that was good. There was also definitely a YA coming of age feel to it but that’s fairly natural considering the age of the main character. Some of the twists weren’t all that surprising, but I had fun along the way. It was an interesting fusion of superstitions and quite cohesive. The fantastic elements seemed perfectly natural, logical, and consistent.


I’m planning on counting it for the “Diverse Authors” square for the Halloween Bingo, but it could also be used for the supernatural, magical realism, and possibly grave or graveyard squares. Admittedly, this does leave me without a supernatural square, but I’m sure I’ll find something…