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The First Man in Rome  - Colleen McCullough

Still at it, although not as far along as I'd like, of course. I got distracted with Dark Matter, which I'm finding a lot of fun. And I just remembered that I have plans this week, so I can't quite spend all my leisure time reading. Plus the call of Dark Matter...


But I have some quotes to share:

In fact, it was a lot easier to admire and respect Aurelia than it was to love her, for she did not give of herself. As a child she would listen impassively to the vainglorious posturing of her older brother or one of her first two younger brothers, then when she had had enough, she would thump him across the ear so hard his head rang, and walk away without a word.

(p 372)

No great lover of women, [Rutilius Rufus] never paused to reflect that common sense was a commodity just as rare in men as in women; he simply looked for its lack in women and consequently found it.

(p 379)