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Dawn By Octavia Butler

Dawn - Octavia E. Butler

Series: Xenogenesis #1


I didn’t like this book. I know I’m the odd one out here, but nothing about it really worked for me. The writing style didn’t draw me in, to start with. It’s hard to explain why, exactly. It just didn’t. It felt clumsy and awkward. I think the main reason I finished it was to see where it left off. I also wanted to see some of the power and consent commentary, but I was disappointed with that. Mostly the book just shows the aliens abusing their power and ignoring the issue of consent whenever it was too inconvenient for them. It even has their collaborator, Lilith, participating in the rape of her lover. Blech. I know it’s harsh to call Lilith a collaborator but it’s accurate even if she didn’t have a choice.


The book also wasn’t as creepy as you’d expect with the tentacled aliens performing experiments on humans. I’m tempted to label it as bad science fiction, actually. An idea with shock value was taken and a story quickly thrown up around it without really thinking things through. I mean, the aliens have waited 250 years learning about humans and Earth but they want to reawaken the humans they intend to send back to Earth, teach them and reprogram them over the course of a few months if that? Their whole setup just feels like it’s there to force the story along. It doesn’t make sense even when you factor in their arrogance.


I was originally going to count this for the diverse authors’ square for the Fall/Hallowe’en Bingo but I don’t think I’m going to now. Maybe I’ll find something else that fits better.


The book I borrowed from the library contains the entire trilogy but I think I’m stopping here.