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— feeling doubt
Dawn - Octavia E. Butler

I'm tempted to put this book on my YA shelf. It feels YA. I might have liked it more had I read it as a teenager.


I'm almost halfway through and almost nothing has happened aside from a lot of talking. Oh, and apparently the aliens didn't destroy all the books although they certainly made it sound that way. All the characters still feel like puppets to me. Maybe the book is making assumptions about human nature that I'm just not following and that's why I feel this way.


I'm still not convinced this should count as horror. Maybe I'll go looking for another book to fill the diverse author square and have this one not count for the bingo. I'm not saying others shouldn't be counting it that way, just that I'm not getting that vibe. It's not horrifying, just infuriating. With the aliens painted as so smugly superior it feels shallow. I'm probably missing something.


I think I'm too annoyed to appreciate any discussion about power dynamics at this point. And yes, it will be a discussion, won't it? (After they violate Lilith in yet another way, naturally.)