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Dead Man’s Ransom by Ellis Peters

Dead Man's Ransom - Ellis Peters

Series: Cadfael #9


Fairly standard fare for Cadfael. A murder occurs in the midst of a prisoner exchange and Hugh and Cadfield investigate. I know I complained about the insta-love, but Peters does use the relationships effectively in the plot. It’s just that the actual meeting is fairly weak. She also has young men acting rather silly, but let’s face it: that’s hardly outlandish.


By acting silly, I'm referring to the part where Elis runs off, breaking his word and potentially forfeiting his cousin's life if their keepers hold to their agreement. He may seem virtuous at first since he runs away to Godric's Ford (where his love, Melicent is staying) to warn the people there of an impending attack. But then we see that the people there already know about the attack and are preparing for it, so it just turns out to be a foolish and selfish thing to do. Ah, young love.

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I’m counting this one as the “Comfort read” square for the Summer Book Bingo.