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2010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke

— feeling alien
2010: Odyssey Two  - Arthur C. Clarke

In 2010 we head back out to Jupiter to retrieve the abandoned Discovery and further investigate the monolith, or whatever you want to call it. Yes, that’s Jupiter not Saturn because Clarke decided to follow the film canon for 2001 rather than the book. I was a little disappointed by this but I’ll certainly admit that the Jovian system is an interesting one. I can also understand Clarke wanting to update his world with the new discoveries from the space probes. I wish he had rewritten a couple of the chapters that he copied from 2001 since I basically went, “Isn’t this exactly the same as before?” and then it turned out it was.


This book was still fun in 2016, but I think it would have been awesome in 1982. A lot of description is spent on Jupiter and its various moons, so if I weren’t as much of a space geek as I am, I might not have enjoyed those parts. Saying anything else would involve spoilers, so I’ll leave it at that.





Although thanks to SusannaG I know I could use this book for the “Adapted for the big screen” square, I think I’ll expand the scope of the “Travel: planes trains or road trips” to include spacecraft and travelling to Jupiter. A big thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on my Travel square. It’s just that this book arrived from the library so I went with it. I may try to read some of the suggestions in August as my own mini-challenge.