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20 Books of Summer / Bingo Update 3

I hadn't realized I'd gone quite this long without posting an update.  Since pretty much everyone except me has already bingo'd, I was trying to group a few books together for each post...so now it appears I'm adding four this time around.




I'm counting The Tao of Pooh (audio version) as the "Read in a boat, tent or cabin" space since it was read entirely in the car.  Really, unless I look up which parks might have a gazebo or I take a ferry at some point, that's as close as I'm going get to any of those things this summer.  The other ones that I'm adding are pretty straightforward.


My 20 Books of Summer:

1. Romance: Emma by Jane Austen
2. Fantasy: Baba Yaga's Daughter and Other Tales of the Old Races by C. E. Murphy
3. Beach, sand or sun on the cover: Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe
4. First book of a new series: Written in Red by Anne Bishop
5. Read in a boat, tent or cabin: The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff, read by Simon Vance
6. Mystery or Suspense: The Inspector and Mrs Jeffries by Emily Brightwell
7. A blast from the past: historical fiction: A Bloody Field by Shrewsbury by Edith Pargeter
8. Summer word in the title: Summer Lightning by P. G. Wodehouse, read by John Wells



I'm still not sure where I'll put Venetia (Heyer) since there are a couple options. Hmm, I wonder if it could count as "Road trip" as well, since they certainly spend a lot of time travelling around. Don't worry, I don't think I'll be going out on that limb.


I also have to start and finish The Bone Clocks (David Mitchell) by Thursday and Children of Time (Adrian Tchaikovsky) by Saturday.  For the YA/children's book, I've requested The Graveyard Book (Gaiman) from the library, but it hasn't come yet.