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Written in Red - Anne Bishop

I think I love crows as characters.  Although the ones in this book show magpie-like tendencies.  But hey, they're shifters; they don't have to behave exactly like crows.


So you can have exchanges like:

- Give me the pen, Jake.  Seriously, give me the pen!

- Caw!

- Argh! You stabbed me with your beak!

*Takes pen*


And then have a bug offered in tea as a peace offering.  Admittedly, the bug was more to apologize for trying to attract bugs with sugar, but still.


(By the way, I'm seriously paraphrasing and simplifying that exchange.  The book isn't actually written like that.)


Anyway, I found the answer to my question about the name yesterday on the very next page I read after posting my update.  So far the writing can be a bit clunky, but the world is interesting.