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Emma & Emma

Emma - Jane Austen, Fiona Stafford

I wasn't sure how to rate this.  Overall I liked it, but not much more than that I think, hence the three stars.  It just felt long, although based on my ereader, it didn't actually take much longer to read than I'd expect a book of this length to take.  I guess I just wasn't enthralled.


I think my main problem with it wasn't the main character, Emma Woodhouse, although she does start out as fairly spoiled (I kept reminding myself that she was only twenty-one), but rather that there are several tiresome talkative characters in the novel, and Austen didn't skimp on illustrating their tiresomeness.  It's well done, I'd say, just a bit long to read.  That coupled with Emma's lack of siblings meant that there just didn't seem to be as many engaging sequences of dialogue.  Austen does a lot of dialogue.


There was one event that seemed out of place in an Austen novel (in my update I suggested it was more like Brontë):

At one point, Harriet is accosted in the lane by gypsy children, and faints dead away once she gets to Hartfield with Frank Churchill's assistance.

(show spoiler)


Emma can't have been all bad, though, because by the end I'll admit I was rooting for her.


I'm going to count this one my first 20 books of summer (1/20) and as my Romance bingo square (post to follow).


Originally I wanted to read this book because the book's title was the name of a kitty I lost about two and a half years ago to illness.  I thought I'd share some photos here in her memory.




It was always so hard to take pictures of a (mostly) black cat!  I had to include the last one because she had a weird habit of sitting there with her tongue sticking out.  She also had a crazy-loud purr.