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Manifold: Time
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The Long War
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So this is how it happens:

(Or, Too Many Books Flagged For Later At The Library)


I go to my most recently finished book’s page on goodreads to double check the original publishing date before I write my review for it because I’m thinking about mentioning it.  I accidentally somehow tap my laptop’s touchpad and so the page opens almost immediately on a book that was listed as “Readers Also Enjoyed”, and now I’m reading the synopsis of that book.  I scroll down to check the first few reviews as a gauge for whether I might like the book, and it actually sounds promising.


Now for the moment of truth: will the library have a copy?

I type in the name of the book and watch the loading indicator spin for a few seconds.  This allows me to confirm that I have, in fact, spelled the title correctly.  Et voilà! The library has the book, so I can click on the “For Later” button (although I briefly consider whether I should put a hold on it and then immediately suspend it for a month or two for my reading to catch up).


Now my “For Later” shelf at the library has 630* books.



*Some of those books are duplicates, because I will frequently shelve all available editions that I might want to read (physical copies and ebooks) so that I don’t have to rerun the search when I get around to it.  It’s still a lot of books.  In comparison, my “Completed” Shelf at the library has just over 300 books.