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Hollow World

Hollow World - Michael J Sullivan

2.5 stars (I'm unwilling to put it in the same company as some of my 2-star books, but I'm not sure it's strong enough for 3 stars).

A terminally ill man builds a time machine in his garage, throws caution to the wind, and travels to the future just in time to witness an incredibly rare murder. Murder in general is rare in the future, not just the means of this one. Actually, people seem remarkably unconcerned with this manner of death. Maybe that's de-centralized government for you? It's cute, but the tension lags in parts, and the social commentary is a bit heavy-handed.

The future is not only peaceful; it is also full of glitzy technology which must be described (I was afraid it was going to go Scalzi at a few points). There is a plot here, but you may be a little confused as to where it is partway through, and the mid-book motivations are a bit hazy. Plus Ellis Rogers may be a genius, but people kind of mystify him (including himself).

It amuses me that Ellis Rogers's calculations were off by an order of magnitude.

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